Barranquilla is like Fantasy Island but it really exists. I will never date a USA woman again and will marry a Latin lady; there is no comparison.

Sam, Thanks for a great event it was everything you said it would be. 
I have never gone to another country by myself especially not knowing anyone there but from talking to Sam you know you have made a true friend who will guide you through the whole tour and make sure you are happy and things go well besides why would you be scared when so many beautiful girls want to be your friend. The people of Barranquilla are very genuine, beautiful happy and full of life they truly make you welcome. These women are not desperate or looking for a green card. In general these women are looking for a sincere man who believes in love and can show their loving side and these women will give their hearts and be loyal to you. One problem you might have is being overwhelmed by all of the women who are interested in you. Listen to Sam carefully he has the experience and knowledge he knows what he talking about. Ask the women what you are interested in and be honest, you can find what you are looking for. These girls are not stupid and you get what you give. Take your time be patient and you will find your winner as Sam says that is definitely true. I met and went out with many beautiful women who I consider of great quality. This was my first trip and I felt right at home and safer than where I live in South Carolina. 
I was lucky enough to find someone very special who surprised me half way through my stay. This lady is beautiful, educated, great family and could be the lady I marry. We connected in a very natural way and I also got lucky because she speaks perfect English. I would be very proud to have this lady meet my family and friends and can't wait to see her again. There are many competitors to choose from but I chose I love Latins because of Sam's honesty. You will only hear good things about Sam Smith and this is why I chose I love Latins. I never thought I would meet someone this special on my first trip but I did and hopefully we will marry after spending the quality time we need together. The guys on the tour were great and will become your close friends. Before I went on my trip I called many of the guys who went on the tour before and they had nothing but great things to say about I love Latins and Sam Smith. The one thing you will hear from the guys who have gone before is basically they can tell you many things about the tour but until you experience it you will not believe how great it is. Like Sam says it is truly a life changing experience. For less money than you would spend vacationing elsewhere you could be hanging out with beautiful woman who are interested in you. If I had known what I know now ten years ago I would have been much happier. Barranquilla is like Fantasy Island but it really exists. I will never date a USA woman again and will marry a Latin lady; there is no comparison. If you think I can help you with any questions give me a call. 
Thanks, Todd Jacobs @  803-413-2585


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