I have looked at Sam's DVDs for years and finally decided to go on the event March 2011.

Hello, My name is Chris. 
I have looked at Sam's DVDs for years and finally decided to go on the event March 2011. 
I truly believe Sam is a good and honest man that will try to help you and now consider him a very good friend. 
When I arrived there was so many beautiful women at the airport to meet us. 
One especially to me that looked a little lonely and sad so I asked an interpreter 
to see if she would go out with me the next night which was the first night of the event. 
And the night of the events there was hundreds of beautiful women who were interested in me. 
Now I am 44 and short and a bit over weight not what you would call a great prize 
but I was honest and sincere with them about finding someone to love 
and not just looking for fun and that was what they wanted someone serious about finding love. 
They did not care how old I was or short or little fat or what kind of job I had 
they wanted someone to love them! 
Sam and I Love Latins provided so Many beautiful women to choose from. 
When I first saw my girl at the airport looking sad she just looked like the girl next door to me 
it was dark but the next night the first night of the event when she walked in the door 
I could not believe how beautiful she really was. She was in her early 20's. 
She was way out of my league not the average girl next door like I thought 
but way more beautiful and had done some work as a model. 
On our first date she was quite so I did not think she was interested in me at all 
and at the end of our date I just thanked her for going out with me 
and did not ask her out again but the next day she was calling my interpreter wanting to go out with me. 
I could not believe it, that she really wanted me but she did 
and we kept going out and are completely in love and I knew she is going to be my wife. 
Over the next few months, we talked, and emailed everyday. 
I feel so fortunate to have met her with the help of Sam. 
In the states a girl like her would not give me the time of day. 
Now I am married to the girl of my dreams. 
She loves me, not what I look like or my job or house but me! 
I can't promise everyone will find the girl of your dreams the way I did 
but who knows maybe you can if you try and go to Barranquilla with someone like Sam. 
Also the city was nice, I felt safe everywhere I went and the hotel was nice too. 
You should give it a try if you are really looking for love and a good woman that cares about you. 
“You will never know, if you never go”. Chris and Paola. 


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