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    Jun 6, 2013  

US expresses ‘enormous respect’ for Colombia’s peace process

posted by Julia Myska     US expresses ‘enormous respect’ for Colombia’s peace process

John Kerry (L) and Maria Angela Holguin (Photo: State Department)

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US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed his “enormous respect” for Colombia’s peace process at the 43rd Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), Colombia’s foreign ministry said Wednesday. 

Kerry met with Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin while both were attending the OAS General Assembly in Guatemala.

According to a press release from Colombia’s foreign ministry, Kerry highlighted the South American country’s progress and the work and leadership of President Juan Manuel Santos to create a more secure and prosperous country.

Holguin and Kerry discussed several issues on the bilateral agenda. They further agreed on the importance of an open debate concerning the global drug issue, which is on the agenda of the OAS summit.

The Colombian foreign minister expressed her country’s appreciation for US’ support of Colombia’s aspiration to become a member state of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Delegates of the OAS member states discussed the drug problem in the Americas. Some members have called for a discussion on alternatives for the War on Drugs, claiming the 1970s policy is outdated.


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