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A stroll along a beachside promenade on a sunny day, ice-cold gelato in hand ... an evening spent at the opera or the symphony followed by fine dining with friends... stunning architecture on every corner...

No, I'm not talking about Europe. This is the lifestyle on offer to the growing number of retirees who move to Uruguay.

Though Uruguay is a small country, it’s big on culture. The influence of its Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French ancestors still shows.

Travel to the capital, Montevideo, and you’ll find art galleries, boutique restaurants, bistros and talented musicians (who often give free open-air performances).

Head to the coast, to Punta del Este, and you’ll discover a sandy playground on the Atlantic Ocean where rich Europeans come to escape winter.

In Colonia, an Old-World town and UNESCO World Heritage site, you'll spot vintage cars on cobblestone streets, outside centuries-old Portuguese buildings.

(And when you want a change, it’s easy to find one. The country’s tiny population of 3.3 million people is spread out over a few cities and towns... meaning that miles upon miles of breath-taking scenery—rural farmland... untouched forests... crystal clear rivers ripe for fishing—are within easy reach...)

And excellent health care is very affordable (figure 10% what you pay in the U.S.).

Uruguay is the First-World country heavily influenced by Europe...but with prices that will surprise you (like a three-bedroom house with maid's quarters in a sparkling beach resort for $130,000...)

That's why we're spending time this week to help you discover this country.

I’ll bring you more on this surprising and enticing country all this week... but you can get the inside scoop on Uruguay here right now.

Erica Mills
Managing Editor, IL Postcards

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