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Valle selects 14 Miss Colombia hopefuls

posted by Adriaan Alsema    

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The southwestern department of Valle del Cauca, traditionally one of the most important players in Miss Colombia, has selected 14 local beauties to compete who will represent Valle at the national beauty pageant in November.

The 14 women seek to succeed fellow-Valle del Cauca citizen Carmen Lucia Aldana, who is the current Miss Colombia and the South American country’s representative at the upcoming Miss Universe competition.

A jury picked the finalists from a selection of 40 women who had made it to the semi-final of the regional pageant.

According to Cali newspaper El Pais, favorites are the representatives of the municipalities of Restrepo, Candelaria, Zarzal and Obando.

The newspaper said one challenge for the misses is their lack of knowledge of English, which will not affect Miss Vijes who doesn’t only speak English, but also French and Italian.

The local beauty pageant will really kick off on Tuesday when the candidates do a swimsuit parade before local and national media. The coronation of the new Miss Valle del Cauca will take place on June 19.

The Valle del Cauca department, together with Atlantico, has produced 10 Misses Colombia — more than any other department — since the beauty pageant began in 1934.


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