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More Single Women and More Choices on each I Love Latins Romance Tour.
Longer Romance Tours, Extended Singles Vacations, More Events, More Options, More Friendly, Personalized and Caring Services, More Personalized Attention, More Knowledge of the Beautiful
and Sincere Ladies. Especially More Time with Each and Every Lady in Attendance.
More Friendly and Personalized services with the President / Owner and happily married Client
in Attendance, personally hosting each event for Your Satisfaction!
Thanks for choosing I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties to find your lifetime partner!
This will truly be the greatest life changing event of all time, especially for you!

Arrival day in Barranquilla Thursday,

Most of the gentlemen will use this day as their travel day & will arrive in Barranquilla.

We will meet the “1” Avianca Airlines flight, Departing at 3:10pm (having 1 Direct flight leaving from (MIA) Miami, Florida, USA) arriving at 4:53pm in (BAQ) Barranquilla & then take everyone to the hotel, with the ladies / date of your choice, if you have sent us by e-mail a list of 10-15 ladies names and code numbers you would like to meet on your tour. Some men like to rest up & be ready for all the events that we have planned over the next several days. Then there are some that will really enjoy the night life. Also there are many late night restaurants and disco’s around town to enjoy. If you have thought ahead & placed yourself in our men's listing, many of the ladies would have already written emails & letters to you & you would have already be dating tonight! We hope you thought ahead. (when you submit your reservations, photos and bios at least 45+ days Before your tour). We are a company that is truly dedicated to serving all of our clients, You the gentlemen & of course our fantastic lady clients & friends too.

There will be a brief get acquainted, question & answer session on Friday morning

at 9:00am (meeting in the hotel’s restaurant) for all of our gentlemen clients with
I Love Latins to help you better prepare for all of our many social events; don’t miss it!
We have several exciting events planned just for this tour Only!
Discussion and Voting on Optional Day and Sign up.

Remember, relax, enjoy yourself, don't be shy, this whole event is given in your honor & to help you find the right lifetime partner! Introduce yourself & be extra friendly with Everyone you meet, you never know who the winner will be!!!
We will have ladies coming in and out all afternoon, you will enjoy this

Then at 8:00pm we will personally introduce you at our Grand Event!
We will have Hundreds of Beautiful Ladies at this event just to meet and get to know you!
Remember, we will also have plenty of translators helping out at all of our events; these translators work for Barranquilla Beauties & are there to assist you in meeting
all of the beautiful ladies that your heart desires. (there is no extra charge for
the use of the translators during any of our event time periods). One big hint, you can not be shy, get to know & become friends with all of the translators, they are there to help you meet the lady of your dreams, plus hundreds more! Since you will be the guest of honor, we will ask you to prepare a simple introduction of yourself, so the ladies will know a little about you & what you are looking for in a future lifetime partner.
(please give this to Sam or one of the translators before the event starts)

"You will really enjoy this part"!

You will want to spend your entire & valuable time meeting, visiting, hugging, taking photos & getting to know all of the beautiful ladies! If at any time you need help, please let us know! Sam and Consuelo, do not Send or hire any one to do our events; We are Personally there with you all the way!!! "Your happiness is our # 1 Concern"!!! Remember, only a few years ago, we were just like you, clients first, so we know if you come with a positive attitude & plant enough seeds, great things will happen for you too!!! Some of the ladies & gentlemen may want to continue visiting & dancing the night away at any of the local discos or restaurants where you can take a date for the evening.

We might even suggest going as a group or double dating with friends.


Remember that the ladies are your best tour guides & would truly be happy to show you their city. Whatever you do get ready for the 2nd night reception. Hundreds of More Beautiful Ladies want to Meet You. Introductions will begin about 8:00pm "You will truly be the guest of honor again"!! This night is included with lots of 1 on 1 Personal Touches, you will Love It! We will have many of the same translators, so they will be able to tell your story much easier & faster. By now you will be an old pro at all of this!

The Pool Party!!! 11:00-5:00pm
This will be a “Private Invitation Only”, with the Best of the BEST!

You will Love It!!! Some Gentlemen always say, "this was the Highlight of a lifetime"!

Be sure & bring your camera & plenty of film, your buddies back home will never believe you, so you really want to capture this exciting Kodak Moment to share with everyone back home. From Friday or Saturday night’s event you will personally be able to invite "1" Special Lady as your Special guest to the famous Pool Party. (plus, we will invite approximately 50+ more Beautiful Ladies to attend as our guest, so don't worry, relax, enjoy yourself, have fun!) We will have plenty of drinks & lunch for all of those lucky enough to attend! Sunday night will be a free night to enjoy with that Special Lady!!!



This is the day you & that truly special lady can really tour the city, the malls,

the zoo, the beaches, the countryside, an enjoyable massage or where ever you desire!

What better way to get to see & know the real beauty of Colombia.

Again, you may want to double date with another couple that you have met,

 this can truly be enjoyable, plus save you time & money.
*Or if “10 Min.” men pull together (pitch in) and decide, we can provide an
Optional group tour to Cartagena or Santa Marta or a 2nd exciting Pool Party,
No one ever wants the parties to end so let us know regarding this you will Love It!



This is the only sad day for some, departure day. But for those with a flexible schedule we would fully recommend that you plan ahead & stay a few extra days because you will have collected so many names, addresses, numbers & e-mails of so many Beautiful, Sincere ladies that you can continue to date as long as you wish! But whenever you have to leave, be sure & contact the airlines at least 48 hours in advance to confirm everything.


All of our official events will be held at: The Hotel Versalles Howard Johnson.
Phone numbers to give family, friends, co-workers 011-575-368-2183
When you complete your tour reservations, then make your
hotel reservations
(then when you walk in just give them your c.c. when you arrive at the front desk for check in) Carrera 48 No. 70 – 188 Barranquilla, Colombia, South America.
You can reserve your place online at in 1 minute.
As we have mentioned to everyone on the phone:

*Be sure & come with Your Best Friendly, Positive Attitude.
Relax, Think about Marketing Yourself at all times.
My example that really helped me are in Four parts,

One bring a small family photo album, to show you are a Sincere Family man.

Then Second is to have a Great Picture made of yourself

& then have them duplicate "50-100 reprints", put your name, address

& E-mail information on the back & have fun handing them all out!!!
Three, bring an English / Spanish Dictionary, if you need one.
Forth, bring (20-30) lots of little presents, to give the ladies, they will Love it!

These will all pay off Big time, you will see!!!
*Also, you can Help spread the word, tell all of your friends, get more good men signed up and on this tour, More gentlemen per tour Always equals More Beautiful Ladies!

Any questions feel free to call us…
Your Friends, Sam and Consuelo Smith @ 281-481-0036

*Stay as long as you can and enjoy meeting and dating many
More Beautiful Real and Lively Latinas!!! All it takes is “ONE”
that can change your whole life Forever, we know, we did it 1st!

*Hotel, Airfare and Marriage are not included in tour

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